There are 17 recognized species of penguins living today, although some subspecies are still in debate.

They group in six different sets.

Great Penguins. (2 living species)

This group includes the Emperor Penguin and the King Penguin. As their name implies, they are the largest penguins, reaching a height up to 1.2 meters.

Brush-tailed Penguins. (3 living species)

This group includes the Adelie Penguin, the Chinstrap Penguin, and the Gentoo Penguin.

Little Penguins. ( 1 living species)

The little penguin’s collection is made up by the little blue penguin and the Northern little penguin. The Northern little penguin or white-flippered penguin as also known is one of the subspecies still in debate.

Banded Penguins. (4 living species)

In this classification, you can find the Magellanic Penguin, the Humboldt Penguin, the Galapagos Penguin, and the African Penguin.

Yellow Eyed Penguins. (1 living species)

In this group only is the Yellow-Eyed Penguin but the Waitaha Penguin which is already extinct was also part of it.

Crested Penguins (6 living species)

This large group includes the Fiordland Penguin, the Snares Penguin, the Erect-crested Penguin, the Rockhopper Penguin (4 subspecies), the Royal Penguin, and finally the Macaroni Penguin.